Dutch social security

How does it work?

The social security system in the Netherlands is one of the most complicated in the world. Due to all the requirements that need to be met, it can be a daunting task.

In Addition to paying income tax, all employers in the Netherlands are obliged to contribute to several national insurance arrangements and pension plans for their employees. This is mandatory by law to ensure that when something happens to your employee, during or after his employment, they are financially supported by the government. For example;  

  •  Family benefits
  •  Maternity and paternity leave
  •  Unemployment benefit
  •  Long-term care
  •  Sick leave  
  •  Disability benefits  
  •  Pension  

This does not include personal healthcare and must be organized separately.

The way these benefits can be utilized as an employee, depend on your personal situation. Different conditions apply to each of these benefits, for example: the duration of your stay, family situation and financial means.