IND Immigration

The IND, short for Immigration and Naturalisation Service, assesses and handles all types of applications from foreign nationals that want live and work in the Netherlands. The Dutch Umbrella Company supports contractors that need help with their applications and even take over the complete application process out of their hands.

IND as the Dutch immigration service

Next to handling the applications for those that want to obtain the Dutch citizenship the IND, being part of the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice, is the sole and primary service that carries out the Dutch immigration policy. That includes refugees and people that want to be reunited with their family members, also a large group consists of people who want to work in the Netherlands for a short or a longer period of time. For every permit, the IND makes sure that all immigration applications are handled with care and efficiency and the correct permits are issued to the applicant.

Dutch immigration service permits

Every day the IND gets applications from individuals with all kinds of nationalities and companies that require authorization from the IND to have an employee work for them in the Netherlands. All those applications enhance different types of immigration permits such as:

  • Visas. There are various types of visa, including an MVV (entry permit when you want to stay for longer than three months), visa for a temporary stay with a maximum of 90 days, a return visa that allows you to re-enter the Netherlands without a valid residence permit or a transit visa for making a stopover at Schiphol Airport.
  • Residence permits. Depending on the type of work you are going to do and your nationality different types of residence permits apply that allow you to stay in the Netherlands for a short or a longer period of time.
  • Work permits. Foreign nationals may either require a separate work permit in addition to their residence permit, called a TWV (tewerkstellingsvergunning) or have their work authorization included in their residence permit, for example when you are a highly skilled worker, self-employed or a freelancer.

IND immigration sponsor

One of the IND immigration requirements for foreign contractors that want to come work in the Netherlands is that your future employer has to provide details on your position here. In some cases the IND will do a labour market test in order to see whether you earn a competitive salary and you’re going to do work that couldn’t be done by someone else within the EU. The Dutch Umbrella Company supports companies that want to hire foreign contractors with the Dutch immigration application and all other administrative tasks that play a role when living in the Netherlands.

The Dutch Umbrella Company is a recognised IND sponsor. That means that we can act as the employer that puts in the application for your foreign contractor and handle all legal and administrative tasks. One of our contracting services is that we also officially employ your contractor so you won’t have to worry about all the requirements. We also act as a sponsor for the self-employed and freelancers that need support when they want to set up their business here in the Netherlands.