The most comprehensive payroll and treasury service in Holland

Quick, easy-to-use and carefree – that is how we at the Dutch Umbrella Company can best describe our payroll and treasury service. The Netherlands is home to complex tax laws and many foreign contractors whose native countries have special laws of their own. Our extensive experience with foreign and domestic tax situations and corporate law has allowed us to develop a unique level of expertise with regards to payroll services, both in the Netherlands and abroad.


By including both payroll and treasury services in our service package in the Netherlands and combining this with our extensive experience, we can truly say that your administrative responsibilities are in safe hands at the Dutch Umbrella Company. Managing employee schedules, making hiring decisions and many more executive responsibilities will become easier –all because your company decided to use a payroll service from the Netherlands.

What makes us Holland’s finest payroll service?

It is unusual for a company in the Netherlands to provide both payroll and treasury services. Added to this are the high service level and expertise Dutch Umbrella Company brings to the table.

Our experience in the Netherlands has allowed us to optimise our payroll and treasury service to cover a wide variety of entrepreneurial needs. More and more companies face the high costs and difficulty associated with accurate human resource management. The Dutch Umbrella Company offers a payroll service that is exceptionally easy to use, a high degree of transparency and many other benefits not found with other payroll services in the Netherlands. As such, we encourage you to discover for yourself exactly how much value the Dutch Umbrella Company can offer you.

What can a payroll service in Holland offer your company?

The Dutch Umbrella Company’s payroll service in the Netherlands is perfectly suited to handle treasury service requirements, e.g. maintaining proper salary administration, guaranteeing timely payments and managing employee schedules. However, that is not all Dutch Umbrella Company has to offer.

Our payroll service in the Netherlands also includes a treasury service for companies that operate on an international level and require expert coordination between foreign and domestic laws. On top of that, our intuitive payroll service software allows you to manage differences in employee hours with a high degree of precision. By using the Netherlands’ finest payroll and treasury service, you will not have to worry about spending too much time keeping track of contracts, schedules and salary obligations; instead, you will be able to focus all your energy on running your company, secure in the knowledge that your administrative affairs are in safe hands.


If you wish to learn more about the Dutch Umbrella Company’s payroll services in the Netherlands, we invite you to contact one of our account managers. They will assist you in finding the perfect service package for your needs.