Netherlands Umbrella Company: services for contractors

The Umbrella Company specialises in providing the services its name suggests: it is an umbrella company for international contractors, based in the Netherlands.

Umbrella Company for contractors provides specialised payroll services in the Netherlands. It assumes responsibility for agency contact, invoice management and withholding taxes. This allows contractors in the Netherlands to focus on their jobs, secure in the knowledge that Umbrella Company will expertly handle their financial affairs.

Serving contractors in the Netherlands

As a contractor working in the Netherlands, you are likely to incur expenses that arise from your activities. These expenses can decrease your net income, especially when you work alone. Umbrella Company can help manage and reclaim expenses incurred over the course of your employment in the Netherlands.

While working as a contractor allows unparalleled freedom, it also carries risks. Tax law in the Netherlands can be complex and learning all the ins and outs yourself may cut into your available working hours. Umbrella Company’s expertise in Dutch tax legislation means contractors will not have to invest precious time in activities that do not contribute to their results.

Another risk one might encounter when working as a contractor in the Netherlands is that your status can make you ineligible for the benefits a conventional employee would accrue. Should you find yourself unable to perform your duties due to health-related issues, this may lead to a gap in your income. When you let Umbrella Company fulfil your payrolling needs in the Netherlands, you can accrue benefits regardless of your status as a contractor.

The Netherlands’ finest Umbrella Company for international contractors

For years, Umbrella Company has focused on providing services and expert advice to contractors working in the Netherlands. Due to our familiarity with contractors’ legal obligations in the Netherlands and our experience with providing the services they require, Umbrella Company is uniquely qualified to offer assistance to expatriate contractors in the Netherlands.

Umbrella Company is proud of its clear and to-the-point services. Many contractors in the Netherlands already make use of these services. Whether you are looking for payrolling services, expertise on tax structures or a chance to simplify your business administration, Umbrella Company has the answer you need!