Contracting in the Netherlands

The emphasis on innovation and business in the Netherlands makes contracting an attractive proposition for independent contractors. Additionally, economic growth and the need for specific skills contribute strongly to a climate where contracting can flourish. The Netherlands is a global leader in innovation and finance. This results in an environment where contracting is increasingly seen as a useful solution.

Contracting is surrounded by a variety of laws and tax regulations that can trap those involved in a mire of bureaucracy. Our trademark is flexibility and transparency. Accordingly we offer a unique solution to these problems and make contracting an effortless endeavor.

Payrolling and contracting in the Netherlands

Contracting in the Netherlands requires clients and the contractors they employ to take a multitude of regulations into account when filing taxes or handling salary administration. Umbrella Company’s payrolling services are based on international standards and optimized to suit the specific situation in the Netherlands. This means that employers and contractors receive high-quality services with terms they are familiar with.

By removing time-consuming administrative activities from your daily schedule, Umbrella Company increases the convenience of contracting in the Netherlands while simultaneously offering the levels of service and security employers and contractors need.

What can Umbrella Company do for those contracting in the Netherlands?

In order to facilitate contracting in the Netherlands, Umbrella Company offers payrolling and salary administration services to contractors and their employers.

If you are a foreign national contracting in the Netherlands, it is important that you can depend on a stable cash flow, an expense management system and thirdly the accrual of benefits to help cover unforeseen situations. Properly handling these matters gives you the peace of mind that is so important when contracting outside your own country. Additionally, employers in the Netherlands favor arrangements that allow them to respond quickly to changes in demand.

So, do you wish to make your contracting experience in the Netherlands easier and more secure? Umbrella Company offers solutions specifically geared towards ensuring continuity of income in even the most flexible employment scenarios.