Contracting in Holland made easier

Our core business is making life easier for both companies who employ contractors and those contracting in Holland. Dutch Umbrella Company is an intermediary. And thereby our contractors need not busy themselves with the intricacies of the Netherlands’ tax system. It also offers employers unparalleled flexibility in meeting their hiring demands.

What should you know about contracting in Holland?

Whether you are an experienced contractor or have only recently entered the field, you are likely to be familiar with the laws and requirements of contracting in your own country. However, clients may require your services elsewhere and you might find yourself contracting in the Netherlands. A change of scenery, a change of pace – but also a change in legislation. Dealing with the tax laws and other legal requirements can be a time-consuming and confusing affair.

After all, contracting in the Netherlands means you will incur additional expenses, such as transportation, rent and other costs you would not normally need to budget. In the Netherlands, different taxes may apply to contracting situations, compared to what you are used to. Minimizing your risks in these cases can be difficult. Luckily, Dutch Umbrella Company has the expertise to deal with any issues that might arise from contracting in the Netherlands. Combining the benefits of payrolling – such as Pay As You Earn and expense declaration – with a thorough understanding of contracting laws in the Netherlands, Dutch Umbrella Company is the ideal partner for both contractors and those who seek to employ them.

How does Dutch Umbrella Company support contracting in Holland?

Contracting is becoming more popular in the Netherlands. But many employers and contractors are still wary of the time-consuming administration it requires. Payrolling helps cut back on both the expenses and the time required to make contracting in the Netherlands work, leaving employers free to focus on their core business.

By taking responsibility for the payment of contractors and the justification of their expenses, among many other services, Dutch Umbrella Company facilitates contracting in the Netherlands. This allows companies based in the Netherlands to benefit from the advantages of contracting with ease. Our services can be tailored to suit your exact needs. Whether you are a contractor looking for additional security or an employer who wishes to decrease administrative overhead.