Contracting services

Do you have a contractor that is legally not a Dutch resident? But you want contractors to work for your branch in the Netherlands? Or, as a Dutch company, you want to hire foreign contractors? The Dutch Umbrella Company could help you. By using our contracting services you won’t have to worry about all the legislative and administrative tasks of hiring a contractor. We will do that for you. With our contracting services your contractors will be able to start working in the Netherlands within a matter of weeks!

You can also find this information in Dutch on the WePayPeople Kennismigrant page.

Dutch Umbrella Company contracting services

With our vast knowledge and understanding of the Dutch labour, tax and social security legislation already a large number of companies use our contracting services. But not only do we handle the financial affairs surrounding your contractors. Our services also provide in setting up the legal conditions in which your contractor will be able to work a contract very efficiently. Dutch Umbrella Company helps your contractor with:

● A visa (non-EU);
● A residence permit;
● A work permit;

Besides taking care of all needed applications we will also give you specific advice on how to apply for a social security number, called BSN. You will need this BSN so you can earn an income in the Netherlands and comply with Dutch tax and social security rules and regulations.

Dutch Umbrella Company as a referent

As a IND sponsor we can take care of all needed applications quicker and more effective than most Dutch employers. An important consequence is that you can have your contractor working for you in a matter of weeks when you let Dutch Umbrella Company act as the referent.
It also means that as an employer you will save a lot of valuable time that you would otherwise must spend on finding out every complex detail that comes with applying for your foreign contractors. That keeps the application process very efficient and benefits all parties involved.

Financial aspects of contracting

Our contracting services make sure that all financial aspects of employing a contractor are taken care of. That means that salaries are being paid on time. Companies that employ contractors as well as contractors themselves don’t have to worry about some complicated financial implications of the Dutch tax system. With our contracting services we will make sure that every detail is being considered and at the same time contractors will benefit from all possibilities within Dutch tax legislation. For instance the 30% ruling.

Benefit from our contracting services

Contracting services provide your company a lot of benefits. First and foremost, you will save a lot of time. Time which otherwise would be lost by learning more about all the legal, tax and financial implications of working in the Netherlands. Therefore you can focus on your commercial activities while we handle the rest. Second, we make sure that as a contractor you benefit from our contracting services. For instance by using the 30% ruling where you will only have to pay income tax on 70% of your gross salary. We know exactly how to make the most of this and other tax benefits to optimize your net salary!

Umbrella Services at a glance

  • Get to work in the Netherlands within weeks
  • You don’t need to learn about complicated legislation and procedures
  • No Dutch corporate structure required to payroll your staff
  • There are no advisory costs
  • No unpleasant or unforeseen problems with taxes or social security
  • No administrative paperwork whatsoever
  • One monthly invoice per employee

Find out more about what WePayPeople contracting services can do for you by calling +31 (0)20 820 15 60. You can also fill in the contact form. We will get back to you as soon as we can!